The African Newspapers Union List (AFRINUL) is a centralized electronic database of holdings information for newspapers (all formats and all languages) published in sub-Saharan Africa.

Search Tips


AFRINUL uses Uniform Titles (UNF titles) in accordance with MARC bibliographic standards.   This will help the user best identify the title(s) being searched.

Example:  Both Malawi and Liberia publish a newspaper with the title Daily Times.  Moreover, The Daily Times in Liberia began in 1950, but a new publication under the same title began in 1997.  In order to distinguish between the titles, the UNF titles would be displayed as follows:

Daily times (Lagos, Nigeria)
Daily times (Monrovia Liberia)
Daily times (Monrovia, Liberia : 1997)

For many searches, AFRINUL will also include entries for earlier or later titles of the newspaper being searched. Users may search for all or a portion of a title.  If your first search produces no results, try using a fragment of the title. For best results, do not include articles such as the or le at the beginning of a title.


Cities are spelled according to authority record standards.  For instance, the database will only accept the spelling of Addis Ababa in a city search.  A search for Adis Ababa will yield no results.  If your search yields no results, broaden your search to include only the country name.


A list of countries available in the database has been provided as a drop-down menu.  This will eliminate spelling differences or confusion in country name changes over time. The database also supports keyword-based searches for country names.


A drop down menu of all languages available in the database has been provided.  In some cases, more than one language may be used within a newspaper. The database also supports keyword-based searches for language names.