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Karis-Gerhart Collection:

South African Political Materials 1964-1990

The historical materials in this catalogue were assembled in the process of writing volumes 5, 6 and 7 of From Protest to Challenge: a Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa 1882-1990, published by Indiana University Press in the United States and the University of South Africa Press in South Africa. The Catalog serves as a guide to the microfilms available through CAMP.

Karis-Gerhart Catalog, Introduction (pdf, 10 pp., 30KB)

K-G Catalog, Part I - Interviews (pdf, 22 pp., 64KB)

Interviews are listed alphabetically by the name of the person interviewed.

Reel 1 - Folders 1 - 13 (Ackermann - Joseph)
Reel 2 - Folders 14 - 28 (Kane-Berman - Netshitenzhe)
Reel 3 - Folders 29 - 41 (Ngakane - Zungu)

K-G Catalog, Part II - Political Trials (pdf, 6 pp., 20KB)

Trials are organized by year (the year the trial began). Within each year, trials are listed alphabetically, in most cases by the name of the first accused.

Reel 4 - Folders 1 - 14 (1963 - 1978)
Reel 5 - Folders 15 - 29 (1979 - 1990)

K-G Catalog, Part III - Political Documents (pdf, 419 pp., 1.67MB)

Documents are listed chronologically, either (a) under the organization which issued them (or the organization with which their authors were identified), or (b) under a miscellaneous organizational category. Serials issued by an organization are listed under each particular organization.

The complete (hyperlinked) table of contents for Part III appears on pp. 29-35 of the catalogue.

K-G Catalog, Part IV - Trade Union Documents (pdf, 52 pp., 228KB)

Trade union documents are listed chronologically under their issuing organizations. Issuing organizations are listed alphabetically. Serials issued by an organization are listed under each particular organization.

The complete (hyperlinked) table of contents for Part IV appears on pp. 449-450 of the catalogue.

K-G Catalog, Part V - Biographical Files (pdf, 18pp., 64KB)

Biographical files are listed alphabetically in two categories, Main Files and Supplementary Files. The Main Files contain information on persons who appear in volume 7 of From Protest to Challenge. The Supplementary Files contain information on other persons who were prominent in the politics of the 1964-1990 period but who are not profiled in volume 7.

Main Files:
Reel 86 - Abrahams - Biko
Reel 87 - Bill - Coleman
Reel 88 - Collins - Gomomo
Reel 89 - Goniwe - Jack
Reel 90 - Jassat - Mafuna
Reel 91 - Magubane - Mangope
Reel 92 - Manthata - Mkhabela
Reel 93 - Mkhatshwa - Neer
Reel 94 - Nefolovhodwe - Phkathi
Reel 95 - Phatudi - Shope
Reel 96 - Sibeko - Smith, Nico
Reel 97 - Smith, Vesta - Turol
Reel 98 - Tutu - Zwelithini

Supplementary Files
Reel 98 (cont'd) - Abraham - Buyaphi
Reel 99 - Cachalia - Kweyama
Reel 100 - Lagu - Njobe-Mbuli
Reel 101 - Nkabinde - Zungu


In November 1997, CAMP voted to microfilm the Karis-Gerhart collection on South African political materials.  This is a continuation of the Carter-Karis collection acquired in 1977 by CAMP.  The material was filmed in South Africa and sent to the United States in January 1999.  A positive copy of the 101 reels of this collection is available on loan to CAMP and CRL members, and additional copies may be purchased from CRL. 

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