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India Land Settlement Reports
held by SAMP as of August 2000





SAMP holds a near complete collection of Indian Land Survey and Settlement Reports, filmed at the British Library’s India Office Library. This collection reflects an important source of material for the study of Indian rural society, particularly economic and social changes during the period of British rule in India.

British India was divided into a system of states and union territories, a model still employed by the current government. Each Indian state was organized into a number of districts, which were divided for certain administrative purposes into units variously known as tahsils, taluqs (talook or taluka), or subdivisions. The Land Survey and Settlement Reports were compiled by the provincial administrations primarily as a fiscal and cadastral record to identify the lands and persons under obligation to the government.

The first part of each land settlement report generally describes the physical features and population of each district and provides a sketch of its revenue history. The second part contains the account of the latest survey and settlement operations and analysis of the statistics compiled from the records prepared.  These survey and settlement reports contain information on a variety of other subjects, including boundaries and administrative divisions existing at the time, their physical features, quality of soils, condition of communications, markets, population growth, and information about caste and social groups. They also include comparisons of the past and present conditions of the areas.

The land settlement reports cover the districts of British India, which today are dispersed into the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma (which under British control became a province of India until 1937). The reports have been separated here into the countries in which the districts eventually fell. The reports of the erstwhile princely states are listed separately by state rather than by the district in which they might have merged. Similarly, reports from the presidencies of Bombay and Madras have been listed separately.

Records are listed displaying (in the following order): CRL call number, title, imprint, British Library shelfmark (V/27/314 series), OCLC number, and CRL record number.   Uncataloged titles do not yet have the last two items.

MF-3960 271 reels (cataloged)
MF-3981 47 reels (cataloged)
MF-3989 36 reels (cataloged) Bombay: state [from the Library of Congress]
MF-4041 38 reels (cataloged)
MF-4138 55 reels (cataloged)
MF-4203 28 reels (cataloged)
MF-4352 68 reels (cataloged)
158 reels  (uncataloged)  TEMP LOCATION NUMBER: T3R66K

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