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The microform collections of CAMP form a large pool of historical, political, linguistic, economic and geographical data and primary source materials that are not available elsewhere. Many of the sets contain archival material or large collections of material that do not lend themselves to traditional analytic cataloging.

This page describes various aspects of the CAMP collection, including finding aids and collection guides. It represents completed projects of the CAMP committee and will also archive those projects taken off active consideration. This site will be added to as resources become available.

This page does not represent the complete holdings of CAMP, but is rather a representative description of some of the items in the collection. For more details, please consult the CRL CATALOG.

General / Multiple Regions

African military accounts and handbooks for British colonial Africa

War Office route books, military reports and information precis for British Africa. Titles cataloged individually. See also Guides: Part I (1869-1912) & Part II (1906-1933) pdf

African Studies Association Annual Meeting Papers

African Training and Research Center for Women of the Economic Commission for Africa

Annual departmental reports relating to African countries prior to independence pdf

"CAMP Books" collection

Church Missionary Society Archives

Introduction to the reel guide for CAMP's collection of missionary records from Africa and committee minutes.

Documents on African Political History, 1938-1970 pdf

Compiled by Ruth Schachter Morgenthau, these documents contain political party materials (1945-1963) and government documents (1938-1970) of various African countries.


Festival Panafricain du Cinema et de la Television de Ouagadougou

Government publications relating to African countries prior to independence pdf

Pamphlet Collections held by CAMP

Paris Evangelical Missionary Society Archives, 1822-1947

CAMP has purchased this complete microfiche collection from IDC (2,061 microfiche).  The Archives contain incoming correspondence from the missionary fields in Algeria, Cameroun, Congo-Gabon, Lesotho, Madagascar, Senegal, Togo and Zambia. This collection, covering 1822-1935 (plus a supplement covering 1936-1947), is contained on 3768 microfiche.  In addition, the collection contains the "Home Files" from the Archives. These files contain outgoing correspondence, Minutes and various reports of the Society, including its Auxiliary Committees. It also contains some "Consultive Conference" papers.

Social Message Film and Video in Africa

Immanuel Wallerstein Collection of Political Ephemera

of the Liberation Movements of Lusophone Africa and Anglophone Southern Africa (1958-1975)

Uncataloged Material of CAMP available on microform

Central Africa

Angolan Papers of David Grenfell pdf

Documents collected and reports written by Grenfell while working with Angolan refugees in Zaire, 1961-1969

Bartlett collection of African Political Ephemera, 1958-1966 pdf

Pamphlets, newspapers, typescripts, etc., issued in or about the Congo (Kinshasa), especially Katanga Province; also Rhodesia, Algeria, Ivory Coast.

Belgian Congo Political Ephemera: The Herbert J. Weiss collection

Rare political ephemera (covering primarily 1959-1961), including files of rare newspapers and serials, private letters, police reports, debates of provincial legislatures, and government reports. See complete reel guide.

Cameroun Political Ephemera, 1952-1961 pdf

Collected by Gardinier and Le Vine

Cameroun Political Ephemera, 1954-1963 pdf

Collected by Welch

Collection of booklets and pamphlets obtained in 1965-1966 in the Lower Congo [Kikongo material] pdf

Collected by John Janzen

Courrier d'Afrique

This microfilming project covers Feb. 20, 1943 -Dec. 30. 1955. Courrier d'Afrique was published in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa), Congo.

Documents relatifs à l’histoire de la Belgique et du Congo pdf

conservés au “Public Record Office” a Londres, 1866-1903.

MacKinnon, William, Sir. Papiers privés à l'histoire du Congo pdf

filmed from SOAS at the University of London.

Morel, Edmund Dene. Papiers Morel ... à l'histoire du Congo pdf

Pamphlets on the Congo

(Wauters, A-J., coll.)

Universities' Mission to Central Africa

Correspondence and documents relating to the founding members and succeeding bishops of U.M.C.A. From the Archives of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Reel guide available from Microform Academic Publishers.

Zaire Colonial Documents pdf

De Ryck collection of material on general administration, Equateur, Kivu, and Ruanda-Urundi.

Congolese Newspapers

The University of California, Berkeley has recently filmed four Congolese newspapers.  Microfilm donated to CAMP includes:
Le Compatriote
[May 26, 1994-July 21, 1998],
Demain le Congo
[July 6, 1992-Nov. 1, 1999],
La Libre Expression
[July 2, 1994-Jan. 2, 1997 and
La Societe
[Aug. 19, 1994-Sep. 29, 1999].

Eastern Africa

East African Swahili Committee pdf

[Journals, Annual Reports and Pamphlets]

Hadas Eretra

CAMP purchased microfilm copies of this title (1991-1997) from the Library of Congress. Hadas Eretra is a newspaper published by the Ministry of Information of Eritrea, and it is published three days per week.  It is in the Tigrinya language (Ethiopian script).

Microfilms Relating to Eastern Africa pdf

Microfilm set filmed by the Kenya National Archives and indexed by Syracuse University.

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Political ephemera, 1956-1963 pdf

Documents of the United National Independence Party.

Rwandan Archival Material, 1916-1919 pdf

Rwandan Archival Material, 1925-1941

Somalia Newspapers and Reports [1991- ]

CAMP has Part I of Somalia newspapers, post-Barre period and has recently received part II from the Library of Congress.  Titles are cataloged individually.  CAMP also has part I of the Somalia reports, post-Barre period and has recently received parts II and III.

Tanzanian Newspapers:

CAMP has filmed recent newspapers from Tanzania (1985-present).  This project was approved by the membership in 1995.  The following list provides basic information on the titles and CAMP's holdings as of December 2002.  For more updated information, consult CRL's Catalog.




Dates Filmed



Baraza Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Aug 93 - Dec 94] 2 Ceased
Business Times Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Nov 88 - Dec 00] 14 Current
Express Dar Es Salaam Semiweekly [Feb 92 - Jul 98] 11 Current
Family Mirror* Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Feb 1, 1991 - Dec 1998] 7 Current
Heko Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Dec 85 - Apr 00] 14 Current
Mfanyakazi Dar Es Salaam Semiweekly [Dec 87 - Jan 95] 8 Current
Mizani Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Feb 90 - Feb 95] 2 Ceased
Motomoto Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Feb 91 - Jun 97] 5 Ceased
Wakati Ni Huu Dar Es Salaam Weekly [Apr 93 - Feb 96] 3 Ceased
Watu Dar Es Salaam Semiweekly [Jan 88 - Dec 97] 4 Ceased

* Received from Indiana University


Northern Africa

Bonfanti Collection of Materials Relating to the Southern Sudan, 1956-71 pdf

Lobban compilation of materials relating to Sudan, 1969-1972 pdf

Southern Africa

Abdullah Abdurahman Family Papers, 1906-1962

Auden House Collection pdf

Pamphlets, memoranda, minutes, etc., relating to the ANC, SACTU, SACPO, NIYC, and other groups

Black Sash

Papers 1955-1970, 1955-1973, 1955-1977 (3 collections)

Boer War: miscellaneous pamphlets published in Great Britain and the United States, 1899-1902

Corruption and Governance in South Africa

Documents relating to corruption in South Africa for the years 1995-2006, including interviews, conference proceedings, commissions of inquiry, surveys, and expert testimony.

Eileen Haddon Collection of Southern Rhodesia archives, manuscripts, and documents pdf

Eileen Haddon was a journalist and activist of social change in South Africa and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). She co-founded the Interracial Association of Southern Rhodesia, which she chaired for many years. In 1960, Eileen Haddon joined the Central African Examiner, becoming its editor two years later. Her papers were microfilmed by CAMP in 1972.

The Friend

Published in Bloemfontein, this newspaper was one of the most widely read titles in the Orange Free State. CAMP recently acquired Jan 2, 1937-June 30, 1950 (85 reels) to complement earlier holdings at Southern Connecticut State University (Oct 1902 - Dec 1936).

Group Areas Papers, 1940-1968 pdf

Papers relating to Asiatic Land Tenure Laws, Group Areas amendments, Natal Indian Congress, Durban Group Areas acts, Pietermaritzburg, and others. Microfilm of originals in South African Institute of Race Relations.

Izwe la Kiti

This newspaper was published in Dundee, Natal, South Africa 1912-1915. A copy of the microfilm has been purchased from the South African Library.

Johns collection of anti-apartheid material

Issued by various groups (S.A. Congress of Democrats, African Peoples Organisation, Communist League of S.A.) and select newspaper issues.

Karis-Gerhart Collection

South African Political Materials 1964-1990.  Assembled in the process of writing From Protest to Challenge: a Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa 1882-1990.

Kuper, Hilda. Field Notebooks of anthropological research in Swaziland and South Africa, 1931-1985

Kuper, Leo. Papers, 1952-1966

materials relating to the research conducted between 1957 and 1963 for Leo Kuper's study of "An African Bourgeoisie."

Malawi Newspapers:

CAMP has filmed recent newspapers from Malawi (1992-present) that have been collected by the Nairobi office of the Library of Congress.

Molema., S.M. Collection of ephemera related to the African National Congress pdf

Pan-Africanist Congress of South Africa pdf

material from the collection of Gail M. Gerhart

Pogrund Collection of Southern Africa Materials

Special Collection of CAMP. (Word document)

South African Indian Pamphlets [1914; 1934-1944]

SWAPO Documents of Dr. Peter Katjavivi

Press releases, speeches, and public information about the South West Africa People's Organization.

Trial Transcripts and Evidence

CAMP has acquired numerous trial transcripts from political trials in South Africa, including the Treason Trial (1956-1961), Rivonia Trial (1963-1964) and the Steve Biko inquest (1977). These collections are summarized in the document Index to Trial Transcripts held by CAMP.


Western Africa

Cahiers École William Ponty pdf

C. Abayomi Cassell collection

Collection of miscellaneous Liberian government documents, including acts passed by the Liberian legislature, 1888-1908, and annual messages of the President, 1879-1916. Also included are samples of Liberian newspapers published between 1898 and 1971. See online reel guide.

Collection of Papers on Indigenous Culture of the Ivory Coast /C. 1938-1944

Catalogue of Nigerian Pamphlets on Microfilm pdf

Eastern Nigeria Guardian

This was the first title published under the Zik Group. This critical title for scholarship is not widely held. CAMP filmed combined 1941-1948 holdings from CRL and the Library of Congress.

Intelligence Reports on Southern Nigeria

Liberian Newspapers:

CAMP has filmed several recent newspapers from Liberia (1991-2004).  This project was approved by the membership in 1996, with an additional commitments in subsequent years.  The following list provides basic information on the titles and CAMP's holdings (as of January 2008).  For more detailed information, consult CRL's Catalog.




Dates Filmed


The Eye


3x Week

[Apr 91 - Jul 95]


First National Poll



[Jun 92 - Mar 96]


Human Rights Review



Jun 93 - Dec 94


The Inquirer



[Jan 92 - Oct 2004]


Monrovia Daily News Monrovia Daily [Dec 91 - Dec 96] 7
New Democrat Weekly Monrovia Weekly [Dec 93 - Apr 96] 4
The News Monrovia 3x Week [Jan 92 - Oct 04] 12

Martens Collection of Upper Volta political and other ephemera. pdf

Political, ethnographic, religious, economic and social material. Ouagadougou, Upper Vo1ta, l954-1966

Onitsha Market Literature

The Albert Porte Papers pdf

personal documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and leaflets of Albert Porte, a Liberian political journalist. Also includes Porte's extensive collection of Liberian newspapers.

Selected pamphlets on Benin

Timbuktu Manuscript Digitization Project

Private collection at the Bibliothèque Commémorative Mama Haidara in Timbuktu, Mali, of 19th century manuscripts relating to slavery and manumission in Timbuktu. The materials, in Arabic, provide documentation on Africans in slavery in Muslim societies

Upper Volta. Collection of government documents, mainly economic and statistical


Upper Volta. Organismes régionaux de développement. Rapports


Newspaper from Apapa, Nigeria filmed by Northwestern University. Recent acquisition of July 1998 - Dec. 2004 complements earlier CAMP holdings on microfilm for Jan 11, 1985-June 30, 1998.

West African political ephemera, 1948-1962 pdf

Ivor Wilks-Phyllis Ferguson collection of material on Ghana